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Victory is designed specifically for all athletes who want to achieve a better physical-sport performance. It offers a complete range of basic supplements that can not be missed in the day to day of all those athletes and athletes who want to achieve a higher performance. Victory offers you suitable supplements, of great quality and at a very competitive price.

Quality is one of the fundamental principles of the Victory range of products, since this has a direct impact on the success of the training.

Only using the best raw materials and having proper control and handling, you can get the best products. These raw materials, increase the price of the product, but guarantee the best quality, assimilation and muscle recovery.

Victory Endurance

Endurance sports demand a constant level of effort for as long as possible. That is why we have developed the Victory Endurance line, whose ultimate goal is to ensure that the needs of each part of the body involved, before, during and after the training sessions, provide the maximum performance by providing energy and hydration at all times for the Carrying out the activity, as well as facilitating an optimal recovery.


For those who care about their appearance and health, WEIDER has created the range of Body Shaper products, designed to take care of you with the best use of results, using natural products that exist in our own body:

Proteins to improve muscle performance and fat burning

Protein is an organic molecule that helps in part the mass of all forms of life and totally necessary in the diet of all animals. They are composed of 20 or more amino acids joined together in a linear sequence
  In Victory Endurance proteins are the building blocks of all muscle tissue and muscle building consists of amino acid strains. Amino acids are the building blocks of life as we know it.

Try to live without protein for a week and see how you feel. Well, studies show that our bodies absorb the fastest and most efficient amino acids through protein sources. Now, 1000 mg of amino acids makes up to 1 gram of protein. So, if you take in 25 grams of protein, you are basically taking in 25000 mg of amino acids.


Carbohydrates, caffeine and taurine for fast and lasting energy in training and life in general.
Carbohydrates or carbohydrates are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and their main function is to give us immediate energy. Amylase contributes to the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose (sugar in the bloodstream) to provide you with energy right away.

With the passage of time and new awareness about nutrition and body care people have begun to distinguish between simple and compound carbohydrates.


Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and water to maintain a good general health.
Consuming a multivitamin / mineral supplement can also increase the chance of getting too much of certain nutrients, such as iron, vitamin A, zinc, niacin, and folic acid, especially when someone uses more than one daily commodity.

People take multivitamin / mineral supplements for many reasons. Here are some examples of what research studies have revealed about their use to increase nutrient intake, promote health and reduce disease risk.

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