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Egg Protein

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Home > >Egg Protein

What is egg protein?
It is a protein with high biological value rich in vitamins and good digestion.

 So that egg protein is used?
It is used as an alternative to whey source for its high biological value and better absorption and lactose intolerant

 What kind of people is more beneficial?
Egg protein can be used by anyone who needs high-quality protein that meets your daily needs and act on muscle development.

 What time of day is best suited to take it?
In the morning and after training to restore the body's nutrients.

 Compared with similar products
Compared to other protein sources has nothing to envy the serum for its high biological value and perfect absorption.

7 You can take during days off?
It can be taken with breakfast or complementing some food

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can take. The egg as first-line food to maintain a good shape, egg protein also works in allergic to soy or dairy people. In fact, as you're about to learn, egg protein may be just what you need to achieve your physical goals. However, you must first know the advantages and disadvantages of using the supplement.

Egg protein stimulates muscle growth and increases muscle protein synthesis. These effects are likely the result of a high concentration of the amino acid leucine.
Leucine amino acid is the main responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis after meals. The only protein source containing more leucine egg is the high quality protein.
The egg contains between 10% and 20% more leucine than most other protein sources. My doctoral research (Layne) showed that egg protein has more anabolic properties than soy protein and wheat.
It also increases lean muscle mass to a greater extent that these two sources of protein, even in equivalent deeds.

The body digests egg protein similar to that good whey protein large capacity increased muscle mass speed. Once consumed, rapid digestion causes a significant increase in plasma amino acids. The muscle cells are sensitive to changes in amino acid levels in the blood.
A very important advantage of egg off the whey, is that for many people their digestion is much better. There are also many people who doubt about the benefits of eating milk and dairy products in your diet, or who believe that the lactose and the like are not very healthy for health, so in these cases, sports supplementation based on egg protein it can be a very good option, because its supply of nutrients and protein is equally beneficial than the whey proteins.
Generally opt for one or the other product depends mainly on the personal tastes of everyone, and especially tolerance to one or another product.

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