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Whey Hydrolyzate

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What is hydrolyzed whey protein?

Hydrolyzed proteins are the best quality, thanks has that are pre digested and thus the body absorbs more quickly and effectively.

For the hydrolyzed whey protein is used?

It is used to synthesize faster proteins as they are pre-digested and have a lean protein and low amounts of carbohydrates.

What kind of people is more beneficial?

In people suffering from bad stomach or need that protein is absorbed faster in the body, focusing on people who are advanced in the gym and is used more for stages of definition and maintenance.

What time of day is best suited to take it?

It notes that to not cause stomach damage nothing can be taken at any time of the day but it is preferable to take it for half an hour after training. It is perfect for those who usually will hurt the stomach with concentrated whey proteins. In addition you can take fasting or not depending on the needs of each.

Compared with similar products

You may have a slight advantage over other types of protein such as casein, soy or even concentrate WHEY, regardless of the type of training. This makes a supplement to consider at specific moments of our preparation where further recovery or a higher volume of training required.

Can you take during days off?

You can include it at breakfast or snack.

Most of these these are free of fat and few carbohydrates ideal for those who want to clean up without gaining fat.

Our body is quite efficient at using protein because unlike fat or carbohydrates, can not be stored. This can be achieved in large part to "pool" of amino acids that are the muscles.

Amino acids that we get with diet and protein degradation, are used parasíntesis proteic (or process known as protein turnover) for the creation of creatine, l-carnitine or hormones.

When consumed in excess of leucine it will be used for muscle protein synthesis (FSR) and the rest rust (catabolism reflected as to give urea + CO2.

It is true that the most influential factor in dietary muscle mass is the amount of protein, there are other factors that can help, as aminogram or proper absorption.

It is this latter factor comes into play hydrolyzed protein, a protein having peptide, or in other words, fragments predigested protein. However, the% hydrolysis we will not say the quality of the product, and within that percentage may find di- / tripeptides or oligopeptides.

The hydrolyzed protein helps to improve glucose uptake by muscle and minimize fluctuations in blood glucose, not only it helps diabetics, if not the athletes looking get great shots of carbohydrates in order to gain mass muscular.

 A low glucose uptake by muscle translates as greater glucose available to be stored as fat, or in other words, if you are unable to enter your muscle cells glucose, prepare for a "dirty" volume.

In short, we can see how in certain sports fields, hydrolyzed protein (wherever high in di- tripeptide)

Hydrolyzed most requested by athletes this year are Hydrolyzed Protein 1kg ISO - ISO and Hydrobeef VITOBEST Protein Protein 1000g - Amix Nutrition Protein

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